About Us

Longboard is an asset management firm that specializes in alternative investments. We help financial advisors diversify their clients’ portfolios so that they can better navigate the investment ocean.

Specialized in alternatives

For more than 15 years, our team has researched, developed, and refined our investment strategies. We specialize in alternative investments that have historically delivered returns at the top of their categories and consistently provided non-correlation to the markets and also to other alternatives. We currently manage approximately $500 million in assets.

Partnering in pursuit of alpha

Our goal is to help financial advisors capture more of the positive performance in their customers’ investments. With more focused support from our team, Longboard believes we can help you make better decisions that maximize returns over time. We call that our Service Alpha – partnering so you can get the most out of the funds we offer.

Designed with investors in mind

We created Longboard for retail investors who want the benefits of a hedge fund in a mutual fund format. Investors can now seize new opportunities with confidence, relying on our seasoned approach to the complex alternatives space.

Focused on the long term

Our approach draws investors and advisors who believe that sustainable results stem from a disciplined commitment to the long term. We find and capitalize on long-term trends that impact markets around the world. Likewise, we create real and transparent relationships with financial advisor partners who appreciate the power of long-term thinking.