Long/Short Strategy


In the face of market volatility, it’s important to consider eliminating equity investments that don’t deliver over the long term. Shifting market conditions may call for more defensive strategies.

But you may be seeking more than downside protection in your portfolio.

That’s why Longboard’s long/short strategy offers a distinct way for retail financial advisors to potentially generate returns while striving to protect against volatility in U.S. equities.
We’re specialists who aim to manage downside risk with discipline and take calculated risks to generate potential returns.

Unlike more traditional long/short strategies, we seek to capture the full market opportunity for returns. Our fund strives to be defensively positioned, and as a result, we believe more of the portfolio is exposed to positively trending stocks – potentially adding more opportunities for returns.

Our fund’s strategy is based on Longboard’s own research, which shows that a small minority of stocks tend to perform more efficiently than the majority. So, we seek to cut the large number of losing investments instead of trying to predict the small number of winners in the stock market.

To accomplish this, we take calculated risks across the full U.S. equities market. What’s more, we deliver access to a team of alternative specialists who provide insight into our strategy when and how you need it.

There’s no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.